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John Mermin
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AMMA Therapy
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AOBTA-Certified Practitioner
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Certified Amma Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Optimum Body & Mind provides Amma Therapy, a lineage-based healing art brought to the U.S from Korea in the 1970s. As a lineage-based art, Amma Therapy has been passed down from teacher to student for generations. As a modality, it is firmly rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practice that has produced transformative results for a wide array of health issues for over 5000 years. Amma Therapy can treat similar imbalances as acupuncture but it does not include the use of needles. Amma is completely non-invasive, very powerful and has an incredibly nourishing and harmonizing effect. As an Amma Therapist, I use the strength and sensitivity of my hands to stimulate acupoints and provide a rhythmic circular digital pressure along energy (Qi) pathways in the body. Unlike a typical massage, oils are not necessary and undressing is optional. Amma Therapy is a unique and powerful modality that provides a comprehensive approach to health care and is safe, all-natural and side effect-free. It provides many benefits, a few common ones include: - Reduced stress and anxiety - Decreased aches and pains - Improved sleep - Improved digestion. - Increased energy, vitality and a deeper connection to your true self. In addition to bodywork, Amma therapists provide recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition, herbs and mindful movement.
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Emotional Well-Being, Fitness, Sports Wellness, Stress Reduction, Wellness
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Optimum Body & Mind
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