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Andrea Rivera
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Medical Qigong, Tuina
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AOBTA-Certified Practitioner
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DAOM Fellow AOMA University of Integrative Medicine

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Mind Body Medicine Orthopedic and Stress Management Specialist. Andrea Renee Rivera, DAOM Fellow at AOMA University of Integrative Medicine, MATCM Masters Candidate at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certified AOBTA Practitioner, Yoga/Mediation Instructor, Life Coach, Medical Chigong Energy Work Practitioner, KHT Magnet Therapy for Pain Control practitioner. Rivera has been a Certified Yoga/Mediation Instructor since 2007 specializing in rehab, chronic pain management and longevity. In 2009 she started her Acupuncturist and Herbology Masters Degree training at Yo San University becoming along the way a certified life coach and Medical Chigong Energy Work Practitioner since 2010, a KHT, Kroyo Hand Therapy, Magnet Therapy for Pain Control practitioner since 2015 and an AOBTA Certified Practitioner since 2018. As former small business owner of Andrea Renee, Inc., a jewelry design and manufacturing house for 15 years based in SOHO, NYC, she is dedicated to helping overworked, chronic pain and stressed patients like she herself was find their ideal work life balance that supports their long term health, longevity and quality of life. Rivera is currently a DAOM Fellow and working as an Assistant Clinic and Herbalist Supervisor and at AOMA University.
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Emotional Well-Being, Mental Health, Fitness, Pain Management, Sports Wellness, Stress Reduction, Trauma Care, Wellness
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