The Benefits of AOBTA® Membership


There are many good reasons to join AOBTA®!

Professional Community
  • AOBTA® is the only professional membership organization that solely represents and promotes the Asian Bodywork Therapy profession.
  • AOBTA® offers professional networking, support, resource sharing, and timely communication about profession-relevant activities.
  • AOBTA® offers professional and personal growth opportunities through participation in the Board of Directors, committees, state chapters, and task forces at the state and national levels.
  • AOBTA® offers members the ability to govern their organization and profession with voting rights on Organizational issues.
  • The AOBTA® website serves as a professional hub for the public seeking information about your profession and seeking an ABT professional.
  • The AOBTA® website has a Members Only site that is a one-stop center for the ABT professional community.  It contains a personalized Member Landing Page, forums, communication circles, member resource library, AOBTA® MarketPlace (with benefits and discounts to products and services), blogs, career center, member directory, and much more.
  • Access to highly qualified AOBTA® Registered and Certified Instructors.
  • AOBTA® approved schools and programs.
  • Discounts to high-quality educational opportunities on international, national, regional, and state levels.
Liability Insurance
  • Optional, affordable, and exceptional professional and student liability insurance>> ($149/year for professionals, $25/year for students).
Peer-Reviewed Professional Status
  • AOBTA® is unique in offering professional membership levels that are backed-up by a Peer Review process that verifies your training and skills meets the standards for the profession.  Your professional community and the public knows that you meet the highest professional standards when you qualify as an AOBTA® Certified Practitioner, Registered Instructor, Certified Instructor, or an AOBTA® approved school or program.
Promotion and Protection
  • AOBTA® promotes its professional members to the public by providing a Professional Directory>> on the website.
  • AOBTA® promotes educational and networking events offered by AOBTA® members.
  • AOBTA® offers protection and representation of the ABT professional interests, practice rights, and standards.
  • AOBTA® offers regulatory support and action-oriented representation.
  • AOBTA® offers the Pulse newsletter - a monthly journal full of information and articles about ABT, the Organization, the professional community, and the wider Oriental Medicine and massage & bodywork communities.