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AOBTA State Chapters & the Congress of Representatives


State Chapters

  • AOBTA has a number of State Chapters.  Each State Chapter is a state-registered, not-for-profit organization.
  • The board members of State Chapters serve as Representatives in the AOBTA Congress of Representatives

The Congress of Representatives

  • The AOBTA Congress of Representatives is a governing body of the Organization.
  • Each state is allotted 1 State Representative per 20 Voting members in that state.
  • If you are interested in being a State Representative, please contact vp@aobta.org!
State Chapters and State Representatives are listed below (alphabetically by state).

Illinois (State Chapter)
President: Vid Linas
Secretary/Treasurer: Open
Membership Chair: Ruth A. Levy
Education Chair: Open
Legislative Chair: Steve Rogne

Debrah L. Roemisch

Steve Schumacker

Louisiana (State Chapter)
President: Debra Howard
Membership Chair: Dana Sutterfield
Education Chair: Theresa Patterson
Legislative Chair: Janeth DeBenedetto

Cindy Banker
Chris Martin

Minnesota (State Chapter)
President: Lois Neve
Secretary/Treasurer: Annemarie Solon
Membership Chair: Andrea Sullivan
Education Chair: Kelly Sanches
Legislative Chair: Cari Johnson Pelava

Karen Broyles

Sue Wood

Pamela Ferguson