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AOBTA® Committees





[email protected]

Chairperson: Jessica Van Antwerp, Director of Communications

Committee members: Bev Sonen, Adele Isoda, Karen Broyles

The Communications Committee:

  • Provides development and oversight of the website, newsletters, proofing & editing, and internal and external communications.

Congress of Representatives

[email protected]

Chairperson: Andrea Sullivan, VP

Committee Members: All State Chapter board members and state representatives 

The Congress of Representatives:

  • Represents the members in their states and reports their concerns and wishes to the Organization leadership.  
  • Promotes AOBTA membership and the ABT profession within their states. 
  • Remains informed with legislative issues in their states.
  • Provides guidance and support to the national leadership.

Council of Schools and Programs (COSP)

[email protected]

Chairperson: Cindy Banker (Director of COSP)

Committee Members: All members of COSP

 The COSP Committee:

  • Provides a voice for the members of COSP.
  • Presents the concerns, needs, and wishes of COSP members to the Organization leadership.


[email protected]

Chairperson: Matthew Sweigart (Director of Education)

Committee Members: 

 The Education Committee:

  • Oversight and guidance of the Educational functions and standards of the Organization.


[email protected]

Chairperson: Vacant (Director of Events)

Committee Members:

 The Events Committee:

  • Assists in the development of events in the organization, including conferences, conventions, board meetings, regional workshops.
  • Researches the events of the OM and bodywork community organizations for possible opportunities of collaboration.


[email protected]

Chairperson: Deborah Valentine Smith (Treasurer/Secretary)

Committee Members: 

The Finance Committee:

  • Provides oversight and guidance to the Organization leadership regarding finance and treasury.  
  • Provides oversight of the National Office finance procedures 


[email protected]

Chairperson: Vacant 

Committee Members:

The Governance Committee:

  • Maintains the Bylaws and RGP's of the Organization.
  • Guides the process for making changes to the governing documents of the Organization.
  • Serves as the governance authority to the Organization leadership. 


[email protected]

Chairperson: Veronica W. Robinson (Legislative Director)

Committee Members:

The Legislative Committee: 

  • Provides legislative guidance, information, and resources to members and the Congress of Representatives.
  • Communicates with legislative agencies as needed to advocate for the ABT profession.


[email protected]

Chairperson: Gail Kellstrom (Director of Membership)

Committee Members:

The Membership Committee:

  • Develops, maintains, and updates the membership policies and procedures.
  • Updates membership applications and documents as needed.
  • Provides oversight of the membership process at the National Office. 

Member Services

[email protected]

Chairperson: Vacant (Director of Member Services) 

Committee Members:

The Member Services Committee:

  • Develops and maintains the member benefits and the AOBTA MarketPlace.

Peer Review

[email protected]

Chairperson: Cindy Banker

Committee Members:

  • Membership Peer Review: Cindy Banker
  • Certified Instructor Interview: Cindy Banker
  • Registered Instructor Interview: Rylen Feeney 
  • ABT Forms: Cindy Banker

The Peer Review Committee:

  • Provides all the peer review functions for the Organization - review of Associate and Certified Practitioner membership applications, the Certified and Registered Instructor approval processes, and the approval process for recognizing new Forms of ABT.


[email protected]

Chairperson: Vacant

Committee Members: 

The Research Committee:

  • Seeks out the latest research pertaining to the ABT profession and seeks out resources for research information and support.